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Floriane de Lassée

How Much Can You Carry?

On roads of East Africa, Indoneisa, Boliva and beyond — blinded by the sun, we drive again and again. By moto, by bus, by 4x4. The landscapes varies, roads also, but always we see these walkers along the roadside who seem to carry all their life on the head.

Such as ants with impeccable balance, men and women carry wooden mountains, tins of water, and food, the harvests of the fields.

The back bent sometimes, but always the straight neck and the fixed look, they are going to sell to the market, or are returning with reserves necessary for the home.

For this report — and because I had for a long time as subject of consumption in the western countries — I imagined a series quite playful, reflecting the true life of people.

"How Much Can You Carry?" is above all a tribute to the bearers of life; those whose life is heavy and where smiles and laughter become the key to a livable existence.

This series can be read on two levels: The first refers to these modern caryatids; the second, more secret, talks about various weights we all carry, whether physical or psychological (the weight of tradition, education, family, etc.).

1. Anga, Indonesia

2. Red Basanti, India

3. Célia, Bolivia

4. Putrie, Indonesia

5. Alexis, Rwanda

6. Aru, Ethiopia

7. Casim

8. Sumika

9. Sary and Nifah

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The Age of Discovery ~ Rafael Silveira



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Jane Ann Wynn


Afarin Sajedi


Codex Fejérváry-Mayer (Tezcatlipoca)

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Ladiessss. I haven’t been painting as much as I should this summer but I’m trying. Acrylics on paper. 


Andy Denzler, Oil on Canvas